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As a former combat journalist for the U.S. Army and an extremely accomplished copywriter, I can get you the results you’re after.


Call me at 800-926-5008, send me an email or fill out the form click the button bellow. I’ll make sure your copy is in tip-top shape so you’re free to focus on running your business.

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Unique Web Copy Testimonials

Glenn Tremain & his team at NailsoupMedia.com are what I have been searching for far to long now. Firstoff Glenn is a true professional. Hes honest, helpful, and quick to responded to any and ALL of my request & or questions. He Doesnt up charge his services. He listens to a clients wishes. And best of all… He delivers & QUICKLY!! I have already put Glenn in my preferred contact list of vendors . I am so very Thankful to have found him. That is FOR SURE!!
Miss. Christine, Add Company Here
Glenn was amazing helping me refocus my way of thinking the Virtualization Business! He showed me how the machine is just the machine and how much value me, as a exeperienced marketeer with ALL other set of tool, will actually help clients to grow beyond their expectations and bring me lot more business to me…Best consultor ever!
AMPOLA New Media, Add Company Here
Nail Soup Media, is the best not only do they help you with your website. They have many other tools to help brand your business and keep you updated with the new technology. I will be using them for all my online real estate needs. If i can give them 10 stars I would, you will not regret using them, they truly over deliver!
Jarett Okungbowa, Add Company Here
I am grateful for the ongoing support provided by Nail Soup Media! I host my website on their servers and they go above and beyond when I have questions or concerns. They offer numerous other services (which Ive used over the years) – so, if youre looking for a stable and forward-looking company to provide monthly support or other services, you can look no further! Thank you for the excellent service over the years!
Lisa Hinson, Add Company Here
Glenn and his team of consultants are professional, courteous, quick and most importantly, detail oriented. For those looking for help in all things social media, IDX integration, etc – theyre a welcome change from the usual experience in this field. Great team – fully recommend them
Ed Gradascevic, Add Company Here
Glenn and his team did a stellar job on my real estate website. They were also super quick, responsive, whether it was night or weekend. Highly recommend for anyone thinking about hiring a web developer or social media strategist. Five stars all!
Marcos Zambrano, Add Company Here
Working with Glenn has been a pleasure. He truly understands SEO and digital media. I had a great experience with him setting up my IDX broker so that all my traffic is going through my domain and NOT IDX broker.He also took the time to explain my options and made sure that I fully understood the project before he began. I truly recommend their Nail Soup media services.
Ramon Crum, Add Company Here
When I met Glen to help me set up IDX on my Website, I did not know that I would be building a relationship. Glen not only set up my IDX but he helped me with my site and to get more exposure as a realtor. If I have any questions, he is only a text away. I am so grateful that I met him. Thanks so much for being a genuine person
Kenya Owens, Add Company Here

We have worked with Angie on and off, every time we need a copywriter, for about six years. I have never been happier with a writer (and I have been working with writers for a very long time) because she never misses a beat. She always seems to be sunny and cheerful as well, which to me is the real clincher. I have recommended her to several colleagues who have also used her services and were very happy with the results. Highly recommend!

Kungyet Tsun-Do

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